wtorek, 29 marca 2011

wtorek, 22 marca 2011

underway 3 - floor

I finished a floor, next step will be to finish the wall

I did so that the outline of where to mount the window.

sobota, 12 marca 2011


Two days after the preliminary draft fence, went with his construction, fence construction in progress.

środa, 9 marca 2011

next part

The street was made of bricks, a little bit of done
The whole construction of the diorama is built on polystyrene and cork, I use a little patch to minimize weight.
Barrier Road upgrading is likely to pass. I am tempted to do it from scratch.

The general outline of the building, I will add one additional floor.

news from Miniart

What a nice addition to a diorama Miniart gave us.
Very interesting addition: bottle, crates, barrels. I like it!

Another addition is the furniture.

 I admit frankly that the set of furniture is quite interesting.
But is not it better to do something yourself, and make a more satisfying?


sobota, 5 marca 2011

and new purchases

Some old models that I was able to buy at auction :)

Continued from construction...

Another photo from the construction
I made some small fixes
 I made a new sidewalk again, this time I made it with cork.

 view of the entire diorama

Next week will show pictures of models that I will renew again.