środa, 27 lipca 2011

Engine Part 1.1a

Another modifications in the engine.

Other parts are in the course of exchange, also moonlights other missing elements of the engine.
I think that the engine still finish this week ;)

piątek, 22 lipca 2011

Engine Part 1.0

I start to slowly pick at the engine Opel Blitz.
Making a few small things that will change somewhat the appearance of the engine.
Here is the current progress:

Can any of you have additional photos of the engine? Thanks for your help.

wtorek, 19 lipca 2011

Summer News

Work on the diorama slowed because of the summer and spend more time with my bike :)
Little but always something I'm doing on the project.
I try to muster something a little more of the engine from the Opel Blitz. Most of time it takes me a model.
Soon, images of work progress.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Luke S.

czwartek, 7 lipca 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2f

Another part of the Opel Blitz is made from scratch.
The old part is not suitable for reuse, I had to perform a new.
I have to remove a few small things and can be mounted to the frame.
The frame is in preparation, missing a few parts.

piątek, 1 lipca 2011

New Tree and Bush - Part 2.0a

The new tree, this time is probably the last change ;)

and checked how it looks on diorama:

is good, and I thought that it will not fit.
This tree is larger than the previous.
And finally I made even a bush (vine) which will cover part of the building: