czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011

more green part 3

I made a new ivy (to somewhat resemble)
In further preparation are the next. I tested the product's NOCH, these are minor leaves.

Poor pictures, my camera just does not catch well sometimes these small details :/

środa, 14 grudnia 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 2.1.0

I added a second spare wheel, put them on the roof, and also added triangle.

Drew inspiration from this photo.

wtorek, 13 grudnia 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 2.0.0

Replaced the successive elements in Opel.
New handles for pinning curtain, and also mention the new handles on the sides.

niedziela, 11 grudnia 2011

German Elite Infantry - In progress Master Box

Very interesting set of MB Ltd. Chickens, eggs for dinner ;)
I like unusual sets, always something interesting. 
Waiting when will go on sale...

czwartek, 8 grudnia 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2j

The upper part of the mask Opel.
Missing a few parts that are already prepared to stick.
When I do, I already began to paint the interior.

poniedziałek, 5 grudnia 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2i

Yesterday I made a basket for cans. It is slightly crooked.
Let that was made during the war, and the team performed it pretty quickly ;)

Canisters in a basket.