niedziela, 18 marca 2012

Message from the workshop

I had no free time lately.
To sit on the project and move on. All of the project is well.
Probably on Tuesday, I'll update the image. I can not promise anything...

But in the diorama will be further changes.

I greet all visitors to my blog.

sobota, 10 marca 2012

Opel Blitz next act - front suspension

The delay in the project, became a nightmare in my dream.
Over the last few days, nothing constructive has not made in the implementation of the diorama.
Damn I'm angry at myself.
The front suspension which, in recent weeks had been destroyed.
Returns to its normal appearance, by the somewhat small modifications.

piątek, 2 marca 2012

Opel Blitz next act - finished engine

I've finished upgrading the engine from Opel.
So it now looks. I'm taking up for his painting.

Still struggling with the front suspension. I am on track to have it completely done.