piątek, 26 sierpnia 2011

New purchase!

Today, landed on my desk, like this model:
Huey Hog Helicopter (Revell 855201) 1:48
This is one of my favorite helicopter.

czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011

underway 6 - building

Yesterday I made part of the roof, I started to lay tile.
That's how it looks today:

It can be seen from escaped me a bit pattern, but does not care that part of the roof is covered with ivy which is somewhere in between during the workshop to produce.

Also begin to put a plaster on the walls ready for that at a later time I start to paint.

 Other photos of the building:

Engine Part 1.1b

After this short break, come back to the project :)
This time it took for coolers for Opel Blitz. Prev me a little irked.
So now presents a new:

 Mesh grille is made of parts from KingTiger, a little brass plaque and a few screws the company Aber

The rear part: brass plate and some pieces of a calling card.I have a few little things to do to finish it.

niedziela, 14 sierpnia 2011

Summer News II

I took a break from the project.
Now, with greater fervor and a fresh mind :) begin to significantly accelerate the pace of work.
Waiting also ordered the diorama accessories needed to continue its development.
It's enough for today.
Will soon show pictures of the construction of dioramas.