czwartek, 23 czerwca 2011

poniedziałek, 20 czerwca 2011

Break & Return

Temporarily stopped the work on the project.
I needed a rest, slowly return to the construction.
Soon the pictures from the construction of dioramas.
Luke S.

czwartek, 16 czerwca 2011

Shed with Wooden Fance (MiniArt 35556)

Well what I see, very interesting proposal from MiniArt :)

Building good at Oktoberfest :D
I want more
Already I like!
And I will have to enrich your magazine about this product

sobota, 11 czerwca 2011

piątek, 10 czerwca 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2c

 Yesterday, and this morning I finished the remaining work at the door, but it's not over yet.
So it looks like now.

Today I did something similar to the lock, may not fit, but there is something :P
Are in preparation, various knobs, dials and other crap to open the door...

środa, 8 czerwca 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2b

A sample outline is formed very slowly as the Opel Blitz

Almost entirely from scratch will be built crate.

środa, 1 czerwca 2011

Goods Shed (Miniart 35554)

Very nice building.

Another interesting project by Miniart.
I wonder what will surprise me again ;) In my spare time I try to do a similar building!

Tree - Part 1.0

I used to build the tree:
branches from the surrounding forest,
copper wire,
a few drops of CA glue

Then, to make a bark of the tree will use a two-component mass Milliput.

Subsequent changes in the diorama.
I found that the second building, not at all integrated with the environment.
In its place will be planted a tree that is producing, will also be a piece of fence.

So now it presents, for me it is definitely better.