wtorek, 25 października 2011

Start painting

 Slowly I begin to paint a diorama already. I start from the sidewalk, then budge with additional additives that are in preparation.
That currently looks after painting the sidewalk.

Several shades of gray paint + wash, soon I will add dry pastels and so on, so much change the face of the sidewalk, if there are any suggestions, questions to write about.

niedziela, 16 października 2011

Sentry Box Part 4 and end

Construction work on the Sentry Box has been completed.

 You can hack a chest with a surprise phone line :P


 A little close-ups:

And finally, a comparison with the product from MB.

And the icing on the cake:
It is possible that I will do again, new phone.


środa, 12 października 2011

Sentry Box. Part 3

It has almost before the last photos of the construction of the sentry box.
Today, mounted the bench, so the soldier could afford to relax :D

Front panel mounted input and floor:

The rest of the pictures depicting the booth:

wtorek, 11 października 2011

Sentry Box. Part 2

Work on the sentry box pregnancy continued.
Very quickly, I made ​​it, when fully folded, I'll do a comparison of the product from the factory MB.

yesterday's assembly...

Getting closer to the end :)

poniedziałek, 10 października 2011

Sentry Box. Part 1

I build the sentry box. Prepared booth walls.

The material is a calling card, from Greece ;) At the end were a few little things to do...

wtorek, 4 października 2011

Usebar for you :)

For a small promotion my workshop, I made a userbar if you want to put it on. Thank you!

In the coming days, photos of the construction, and a little visualization.