poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2a

Yesterday's work on the chassis of the Opel.

Left improve this and that, and we move on.
Other missing elements are in the process of production.

piątek, 27 maja 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2.2

Today I cleaned completely Opel chassis.
Objects in the red circles are made ​​from scratch, unfortunately, while cleaning up have been previously damaged.

engine mount, the handle for a spare wheel  and mountings for the engine.

środa, 25 maja 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol. 1.2

I made a few little things in the cabin Opel Blitz.

 ...and so I made a new one: door handles, handles, knobs for opening windows
extinguisher is also borrowed, and reflectors
...pedals borrowed from another vehicle, and adapted to the Opel :)

I use the images posted here: Link 1 , Link 2. Very useful photographs for this vehicle.

P.S. The worst part is how to shoot this little trifle with tweezers and dropped somewhere on the floor.
... sometimes stubborn looking for this, and after a while I sit at my desk and do all over again ;) 

niedziela, 22 maja 2011

Opel Blitz - Tuning vol.1

Begin assembly at the Opel Blitz.
For starters, I will focus on assembling the cab, and inside the cabin. This Opel will be slightly modified, a lot of parts I will try to do the same, the rest will be unchanged.

Yes I know, number plate is in the wrong place, it is the intended purpose :)

wtorek, 17 maja 2011

underway 5 - fence

Today when picking his fence.
Another span of the garden already installed.
You can see a slight curvature, which are hidden ;) after that he will not see, this is exactly where he stands outside the building.

Filled the remaining gap, this is quite a long time wondering what to do, finally done something similar to the old type of pavement.

środa, 11 maja 2011

new building ver.1.2

I decided that the pre-show pictures of the new building.
Quite significant changes have occurred in the creation of a building.
The rest work in progress, the windows will soon be... 
Time for the presentation:


sobota, 7 maja 2011


Long shows nothing. Took off a large box with top shelf.
This is due to the fact that the main building was completely destroyed :(
Continues its intensive reconstruction, will soon show pictures, is somewhere 60% done.
During the reconstruction changed quite a lot of visual elements of the building. Create a complete new facade of the building from its predecessor.

Luke S. 

p.s. I think next week will be new photos.